Small Felines. Part II: Africa

Felines are perhaps the most successful predators among mammals. More species of felines exist than of canines. In a previous post we covered small felines of the Northern Hemisphere: Bobcat and Lynx. Let’s move over to Africa and talk about what cats, other than Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, you can hunt there. There are three: Caracal, Serval, and African Wild Cat.

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Canada Lynx in full winter fur

Small Felines. Part I: Genus Lynx

Felines have historically carried a strong emotional significance to us humans. Paradoxically, the yellow and black spots of a leopard act as a sign of danger, while the purr of a domestic cat is one of the most pacifying sounds in existence. You simply can’t remain neutral to feline hunting. For some, just the very idea of killing a leopard or lion is a sacrilege. For others, it’s a lifetime dream. But big cats (with the possible exception of the cougar) are something that is very distant, both geographically and financially, for most hunters. How about smaller felines – Lynx and Bobcat?

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