An African leopard in Namibia

Leopard and Leopard Hunting in Africa. Part I: Threats, Habits, Where and When

Leopards are listed as vulnerable and are a CITES 1 animal, so hunting quota offtakes are strictly allocated according to population numbers. South Africa has temporarily suspended Leopard hunting but does issue a limited quota from time to time. Hunters must always double check their country’s trophy import regulations as it differs around the world and printed information in this regard may be outdated.  

Leopard hunting regulations also vary from country to country. Some allow hunting over bait at night while others only permit daylight hunting in the presence of a wildlife official. Different rules may apply as per the areas that may and may not be hunted with hounds if hunting with dogs is even permitted. Only fully mature males should be hunted and in many countries hunters will be fined for shooting a female and have their trophy confiscated.  

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