Does Your Dad Have a Dream?

A sunrise on a forest lake

Does your Dad have a dream to hunt an iconic animal or in a special place? Would it be the plains of Argentina or the green hills of Africa? The bugle of elk or the roar of the red stag? The “roof of the world” of Tajikistan or the lowlands of Texas? A big old whitetail or a flock of ducks landing in the decoys? A dream to share something deeply embedded in our very nature: hunting and family ties?

Many people carry a dream all their lives but never get around to fulfilling it. You know, the hunt they always want to do next year, or when there’s time, money, kids go to college, whatever. Sometimes you don’t have money, and sometimes you don’t have time, and when you finally do, the economic reality may not be quite what you’ve been expected, or the medical bills gnaw up the budget. And even when everything is OK on the surface, at a certain age many men simply seem to have run out of steam. They would enjoy every moment of a hunting journey, but they need someone’s impulse to get around to it.

Father and son hunting dovesBut even those who’s hunted everywhere and every creature in the world may still have a dream – to hunt, or simply to be, with a few dearest people. Today, generations are being pushed farther and farther apart. In space, as many move to a different state or country for a better chance to fulfill the responsibilities. In time, as modern fast-paced environment leaves fewer and fewer moments to get together and talk. In the mind, with generational gaps and differences in worldview, amplified out of proportion by the media and politics.

Does your Dad have a dream to share the heaven of Nature with you, to immerse together in the primal pursuits and ancient tradition, to see all the gaps and divides vanish before the splendor of the Great Outdoors?

Do you plan to make a resolution today to fulfill this dream?

There may be hunters who say “I spent too much time hunting with Dad”. But there are surely many more who wished they went out with the old man more often.

Paying homage to a fallen red stagIt doesn’t have to be a fancy and expensive journey. In fact we all know that a sunset near a dove field, or a morning at a local river where the fish never bites may bring a bonding memory that no other can match. But whether you need inspiration, or know precisely what you want, we at will be happy to make your dream come true!

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