Five Years of Looking into the Future 5 years of looking into the future

On June 1, 2020, celebrates a little jubilee – 5 years of operation. A nice round figure. In some companies it would call for a big pow-wow, with a video demonstrating the creative abilities of the staff, a long ceremonial speech, and perhaps a nice corporate celebration retreat for the selected few of the top management. At, June 1, 2020 is business as usual.

Aren’t we proud of what we achieved? Of course we are. We’re proud of every single bit of code on! 5 years is a lot of time in e-commerce, and to show steady growth over this period is easier said than done. If we believed in the magic of numbers, we’d have found a way to round the amount of hunts on our marketplace to 5,000 – a nice, even figure to match the anniversary. As it were, there’s 4,929 for you to choose from, up 15% from June 1 of the last year, provided by 749 outfitters (up 17%) from all over the world. growth graph

But numbers don’t tell the whole story. Much more important are your emotions and satisfaction. Over these last five years hundreds of hunters have entrusted BookYourHunt to book the hunts of their dreams.  And judging by the reviews, our customer satisfaction rate is over 90%. Simply put, is the best and the biggest international online marketplace for hunts, and we’re not slowing down. 

Who would have thought this was possible in June 2015, when started out with merely 3 outfitters and 10 hunts? We did. At we’re focused on the future. That’s why our corporate ‘birthday’ takes us by surprise every year. No, honestly, if you could listen to our regular meetings, you’d notice that we hardly ever talk about what we did, and when we do, it’s usually “Item X – done. Good.” We spend much more time discussing what we do next. And there are some great new developments on the horizon!

The team would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you – all of you: every outfitter who puts their hunts on our online marketplace. Each and every one of our affiliates and partners. And, most importantly, our clients – those of you who booked your hunts on, and those who are only there to have a look but haven’t booked. Yet. We love you all, and thank you all! 

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