An African leopard in Namibia

Leopard and Leopard Hunting in Africa. Part I: Threats, Habits, Where and When

Leopards are listed as vulnerable and are a CITES 1 animal, so hunting quota offtakes are strictly allocated according to population numbers. South Africa has temporarily suspended Leopard hunting but does issue a limited quota from time to time. Hunters must always double check their country’s trophy import regulations as it differs around the world and printed information in this regard may be outdated.  

Leopard hunting regulations also vary from country to country. Some allow hunting over bait at night while others only permit daylight hunting in the presence of a wildlife official. Different rules may apply as per the areas that may and may not be hunted with hounds if hunting with dogs is even permitted. Only fully mature males should be hunted and in many countries hunters will be fined for shooting a female and have their trophy confiscated.  

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a good Nyala bull

Nyala and Nyala Hunting in Southern Africa

The English naturalist, George French Angas first described the Nyala (Tragelaphus angasii) in 1849, on the shores of Lake St Lucia in Zululand (South Africa), calling it the “Angas Bushbuck”. Hence the origin of its scientific name while its common name came from the Zulu (African tribe) word “Inyala”. That is why today you most commonly hear professional hunters pronounce the word Inyala instead of Nyala as spelt. The name Inyala when translated from Zulu means the “shifty one”, a fitting description for such an elusive species.

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On Guided Hunts

Many hunters would prefer a DIY hunt to a guided hunt, because it’s cheaper, and because to them it’s more satisfying to know that you owe the trophy to your effort only. But this choice is not always possible, and in any case there are many advantages with a guided hunt. Many hunters who swore they’d “never take a guided hunt!” are quickly won over to not only seeing the benefits a guided hunt may offer, they actually find they enjoy it immensely. You will be more likely to come back with a trophy, learn a few new tactics and tricks, and may form a lasting friendship. Check out a huge selection of guided hunts on 

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A roe deer in a meadow

The Real Bambi: Roe Deer and Roe Deer Hunting

The roebuck may not be the first animal that you associate with European hunting. But visit any German hunting lodge or tavern, and you’ll see rows of rows of little roe deer antlers, mounted on the shields in what Americans call “Euro style”. From the vineyards of France to the frozen forest-steppes of Kazakhstan, the delicious venison of the roe deer is a staple food for many European and Asian hunters, in much the same way as the whitetail deer is for Americans.

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