calls off its sponsorship of PHASA in protest against approval of captive bred lion hunts

This is an official announcement that is terminating its sponsorship agreement with Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa. The reason is PHASA’s resolution allowing its members to organize and participate in hunting captive-bred lions, reversing PHASA’s previous position on the issue.

For a number of years, has been proudly sponsoring PHASA. We have had – and still have – utmost respect and admiration for the Association, whose effort helped create South Africa as the No 1. hunting destination in the world, their commitment to conservation, their daring voice in support of the hunting community, their input in breakthrough scientific research, community development and charity work.

However, the practice of captive bred lion hunts is incompatible with’s standards of fair chase and hunting ethics, and is something we cannot possibly tolerate or endorse in any form.

Therefore, following PHASA’s passing of the above-mentioned resolution that approves of captive bred lion hunts, BookYourHunt, with utmost regret, has no choice but to terminate its sponsorship of PHASA and withdraw any further support of this organization.

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